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The Amazing Properties of Water

Why do people say that water is necessary for life? Why have we never found any living organism that can flourish in a completely dry environment? How is it that something odourless, colourless, tasteless and relatively unreactive makes up 60% of our body mass? Why could another liquid not be used? Why water? 


 Water has several properties that make it unique amongst compounds and make it possible for all forms of known life to function.

Se pensiamo che tutto intorno ha noi vibra , e anche noi emettiamo vibrazioni . Si aprono infinite possibilità di mondi e forme di vita che hanno una vibrazione superiore alla nostra ma noi non la percepiamo.
it is said water has memories is that true?
MJ Pangman discusses the significance of liquid crystalline water
The Mystery of Water - What we know is a drop.
Water has Memory. Water -- just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of "memory" by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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