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André Emile Barbier - SOLAVITE

 André Emile Barbier

French scientist André Emile Barbier started, in 1935, the researches for the invention of the SOLAVITE catalyzer.

The French researcher and inventor developed the physical catalysis process based on investigations of catalytic phenomena, of which Swedish chemist Berzelius had been a precursor, and on the nineteenth century electromagnetism theories elaborated by Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted, English scientist Michael Faraday and the US scientist Joseph Henry.

In 1966, Brazilian Luiz Menezes joined the physicist André Emile Barbier in order to continue the researches on the SOLAVITE Catalyzer. In 1971, Luiz Menezes purchased the industrial secret of SOLAVITE from Dr. Barbier and started its industrial production in Brazil, developing applications of SOLAVITE in industrial systems, combustion engines, oil and oil by-products, as well as an aid in health treatments.


1938 – André Barbier creates the French Society of Laboratoires SOLAVITE to market the first catalytic batteries ELECTON and ZENITH.

1938 – André Barbier applies his discovery to treat cases of articular rheumatism, launching the “ACTILIT” battery. 

1943 – André Barbier creates the first anti scale SOLAVITE catalyzer to be used in water pipes for residential supply. 

1950 – André Barbier initiates researches for the development of catalytic treatment for combustion engines under the names of SOLACELL and SOLATONE. 

1966 – Luiz Menezes and André Barbier start research collaboration to develop SOLAVITE and its application in various areas.



Degree in Philosophy from São Bento Seminary in Olinda, PE

Degree in Law from the Federal University of Recife, PE


1966-1969 – conducts researches on physical catalyzers with Mr. André Emile Barbier, in Monaco, and works as a guest researcher at the Societé Française des Laboratoires SOLAVITE, Paris, France. 

1971- Signs a contract with Dr. André Emile Barbier to manufacture the SOLAVITE catalyzers for water treatment in Brazil. 

1971- June – Inauguration of the first SOLAVITE Catalyzer plant in Brazil.

1972 – Develops SOLAVITE HYDRO for boilers and cooling towers treatment. 

1978 – Develops SOLAVITE MOTOR for fuels catalysis (Gasoline, Alcohol, and Diesel) in combustion engines. 

1981 – SOLAVITE application to treat fuels in furnaces and boilers (GMP oils, BTE, Bunker). 

1984 – SOLAVITE application for sea water treatment in cooling systems. 

2002 – First SOLAVITE application in petroleum and crude oil.


SOLAVITE Hydro completely removes mineral deposits present on the inner walls of pipes, boilers and machines.

SOLAVITE Hydro eliminates existing scales and prevents the formation of new ones in pipes and machines, which are responsible for causing economic and environmental damage to residences, industries and cities.


SOLAVITE Oil&Gas cleans and maintains pipes, ducts and tanks free of organic deposits (paraffin, asphaltene and mixed) and minerals (barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, etc.). SOLAVITE Oil&Gas removes existing organic and mineral scales besides preventing the formation of new ones in several systems of crude oil exploration and production, transportation and storage, completely eliminating the need for chemical, mechanical or thermal cleaning.


SOLAVITE Motor is a technology that provides reduction of both greenhouse gases emissions and atmospheric pollutants generating major environmental, economic and social benefits with excellent cost benefit

Unique technology for treating scales on pipes,

Equipment and machinery, SOLAVITE simultaneously treats scales formed by carbonates (CaCO3), sulphates(SO4), silicates (SiO2), magnesium (Mg) in addition to iron oxides (FeO). 

This technology provides an eco-efficient-cost-reduction technology for the industry, cities and residences with increased efficiency and lifespan of equipment and piping, with no disturbance to the environment. 

It is a 100% physical technology that does not use chemicals or electricity and causes no corrosion, providing significant economic and environmental benefits by eliminating mechanical and chemical treatments used to combat scale-related problems.

SOLAVITE is a highly diamagnetic physical catalyzer that avoids scale-forming besides removing existing ones.

SOLAVITE catalyzer promotes changes in the magnetic forces of attraction between the liquid, the suspended mineral salts and the inner surface of pipes, preventing the deposits and crystallization of salts on the surfaces of pipes, wells and machinery. 

SOLAVITE catalyzer potentiates the Earth’s magnetic field and it is activated by the kinetic energy of the fluid to induce a diamagnetic field that modifies the behavior of scale-forming elements thus changing the way ions are grouped inside the pipe.

The SOLAVITE diamagnetic action promotes, at first, the dissolution of scale-forming mineral molecules immediately inducing rapid crystallization of those salts in a new structural arrangement. That structural rearrangement, limited to a few hundreds of atoms, remains suspended in the fluid without adhering to the surface of pipes and machines. In addition to avoiding new scale- forming, the catalytic action of SOLAVITE removes existing deposits.

SOLAVITE fundamental action is applied in several fluid systems aiming at treating scales on pipes for drinking water and for industrial processes, oil exploration and transportation, and decarbonization and increased efficiency of combustion engines using gasoline, diesel and alcohol..