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Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello

Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello

The experimental conditions by which electromagnetic signals (EMS) of low frequency can be emitted by diluted aqueous solutions of some bacterial and viral DNAs are described. That the recorded EMS and nanostructures induced in water carry the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by classical PCR amplification using the TAQ polymerase, including both primers and nucleotides. Moreover, such a transduction process has also been observed in living human cells exposed to EMS irradiation.
These experiments suggest that coherent long range molecular interaction must be at work in water so to allow the observed features. The quantum field theory analysis of the phenomenon is presented.

Universal Journal of Psychology 4(4): 178-183, 2016 DOI: 10.13189/ujp.2016.040402

Just Ordinary Water - A Necessity for All Forms of Life by Ingrid Fredriksson

In every living being and organism there is an entire world as amazing as the one we see around us. In our body there are 100 trillion cells (1012), and DNA that extends 10,000 kilometers. The base pairs in our DNA are held together by hydrogen. Maybe the hydrogen bonds in DNA´s base pairs that constitutes our immune system and our consciousness. There is water in the cells, and between them, and while large molecules have to go through membrane proteins to enter the cells, small molecules like H2O and O2 can pass through the cell membrane without difficulty. In the spaces between the brain cells, at the end of every neuron, the basic unit of a brain cell is synapses,

where chemical charges build up. In the same space dendrites - tiny filaments of nerve endings communicate with other neurons, sending out and receiving their own electrical wave impulses. This, together with the quantum hologram and non-local consciousness, provides an explanation and an exciting developmental phase in the illusion in which we live.

Keywords Consciousness, Electrons, Water, Micro and Macro

1. Introduction

‘It all depends on water,’ said the Italian researcher Giuseppe Vitiello, whom I met first at a conference on Quantum Mind in Salzburg, Austria, in the summer of 2007 and later on at several similar conferences. And the issue, of course, had to do with our brain and our consciousness.

Vitiello keeps talking of a strange ‘time-reversed mirror’ mode in the environment that pairs off as a non-locally quantum-connected Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky (EPR) twin or doppelganger to a Dipole Wave Quantum (DWQ). These DWQ are provided by the molecular electrical dipoles of

biomolecules and the water matrix in which they are embedded. In other words, Vitiello has a non-locally correlated pair of quanta, one in the dipole wave and its time-reversed twin in the ‘environment’. He claims that this non-local quantum connection or entanglement between the

two quanta, one in the Fröhlich wave and the other in the external environment, ‘can be seen as a self-interaction term’ of the Fröhlich mode in which the environmental twin is part of the ‘self-recognition’ process.

Vitiello has a detailed mathematical model of dissipative damped quantum oscillators, in which the coupling to the environment undergoes the ‘superconducting’ [1].

That might not be so easy to understand, but it was for this reason that I have been involved with the significance of water for consciousness.

Perhaps our thoughts consist of electromagnetic wave motions, energy we emit when we think. Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier told Science in discussing phenomen of electromagnetic waves produced by DNA in water.

‘What we have found is that DNA produces structural changes in water, which persist at very high dilutions, and which lead to resonant electromagnetic signals that we can measure. Not all DNA produces signals that we can detect with our device. The high-intensity

signals come from bacterial and viral DNA. I have found these signals coming from bacterial DNA in the plasma of many patients with autism, and also in most, if not all, patients with Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

It seems that the bacteria we are detecting are coming from the gut. So it is quite possible that products from gut bacteria end up in the plasma and cause damage to the brain [2]’.

The base pairs in our DNA are held together by hydrogen. Essential water, the precondition for all life! I recall how, at a Toward a Science of Consciousness conference, I asked Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier and Giuseppe Vitiello if it could be said, a bit simplified, that our entire immune system was dependent on water. The answer was yes. [3].And that is how it is, then (Vitiello 2001).

The hypothesis: Consciousness might be found in the hydrogen bonds of DNA base pairs that constitute our immune system and our consciousness. The hypothesis is not tested, more experiments are necessary to prove the hypothesis.

2. What Exactly Is Water?

Universal Journal of Psychology 4(4): 178-183, 2016 179 

Water is everywhere around us. The human body is made of 70 percent water. Water is a chemical union between hydrogen and oxygen. The atoms are attached to each other in an asymmetrical fashion which means that one end has a surplus of positive electrical energy while the other has a surplus of negative electrical energy. Water, then, is a dipole. Water molecules have a tendency to adhere firmly to each

other so that a positive end attracts a negative end and vice versa. This is called hydrogen bonding and is the basis of water’s totally unique characteristics. 

Its outstanding solvent capacity has already been mentioned, and it has other remarkable properties as well.  It’s peculiar density ratio. Water is heaviest at 4°C, not at 0°C, the freezing point. The density of a substance depends on how tightly atoms and molecules are packed. Ordinarily,

a solid substance has greater density than the same substance in liquid form. Water is an exception: ice has a lower density than water. It is due to the more spacious construction of ice that ice floats on water. If water were heaviest at 0°C, the ice would form at the bottom of lakes and rivers, freezing from the bottom up; the fish would die and the ice would never have time to melt in the spring. The question is whether life would have been able to arise on earth at all if that had been the case.

It’s great ability to store heat. In hot weather, the water in oceans and big lakes absorbs heat, which it radiates when the air is cold. This tempers the climate.

It’s high surface tension and capillary action. Surface tension makes it possible for objects to be carried by the hydrogen bonds on the surface of water, even if the material is heavier than water. This gives insects the possibility to stand on water, and all of us have probably seen mosquito

larvae in a puddle of water. Capillary force means that water can climb upwards in fine tubes despite the power of gravity. Thanks to capillary force a tree is able to ‘lift’ water high up into its foliage.

Water is not just H2O molecules. It contains a number of molecular species including ortho and para water molecules, water molecules with different isotopic compositions such as HDO and H2 18O, such water molecules as part of weakly bound but partially-covalently linked molecular clusters containing one, two, three or four hydrogen bonds, and hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion species. Apart from such

molecules there are always adventitious and self-created solutes in liquid water. Distilled and de-ionized water contain significant and varying quantities of contaminating ions. Often the criterion for “purity” is the conductivity, but this will not show ionic contaminants at nano-molar, or

even somewhat higher, concentrations due to the relatively high conductivity of the H+ and OH- naturally present [4].

3. Water and Our Genetic Code

Water is able to dissolve the majority of chemical elements and carry them with it. Iron, calcium, and nitrogen compounds are but a few examples of the substances that can be dissolved in water. Chemically pure water does not exist in nature, and water’s solvent capacity is a

precondition for life itself. The water that rises in plants conveys dissolved nutrients to all parts of the plant. The human body is likewise sustained by nutrients that have been dissolved in the water of the blood.

How is it, then, with oils and non-polarized substances, which are not water soluble? It is this very circumstance – the fact that some substances seem to love spending their time in water while others abhor it – which is the key to how water helps life’s most important building blocks –

genes and proteins – achieve the specific, three-dimensional shapes that determine the function of the large bio-molecules. When proteins react with one another or with the genes it is crucial, of course, that the molecules fit one another.

Newly constructed proteins emerge from the cell’s protein factories like a long necklace whose beads are amino acids, and only in the cellular fluid does the protein fold itself up into its compact three-dimensional form.

Some of the amino acids are water-shunning, and these are folded naturally into the centre of the proteins, where they avoid all contact with water, while other amino acids are water-loving, and these end up on the outside of the protein instead. In the middle of the 1980’s, Robert J. Lefkowits and Brian K. Kobilka managed to find the gene that encrypts for the benefit of the adrenaline receptor, the molecule to which the adrenaline hormone actually attaches itself.

The receptor consisted of seven long strings and their construction indicated that they were not fond of water, but instead preferred an environment rich in fat. The strings twisted back and forth through the cell wall seven times.

Rhodopsin is another receptor that twists seven times. It is located in the retina of the eye and catches light. Similar receptors are located on the surface of the cell and they take care of the communication between what is outside of the cell and what is inside. Without these receptors we would not be able to see any light, smell any scents or experience any flavours. For this discovery Lefkowitz and Kobilka have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012.

Computer simulations have shown that the double helix of DNA breaks apart if there is an attempt to model it without the presence of water. This is due to the fact that the water molecules create hydrogen bonds between the phosphate groups of the DNA strands, which would otherwise repel each other.

Water molecules can also be captured in water-loving pockets inside proteins. An experiment by biophysicists in Bochum, Germany, has shown how water plays a central role for the function of these proteins. Measurements of the protein bacteriorhodopsin provide one example. This

protein is stored in the cell membrane of photosynthetic bacteria and handles the first step in the bacteria’s photosynthesis. When the protein absorbs a light particle, it uses a network of water molecules in an interior channel to  180 Just Ordinary Water - A Necessity for All Forms of Life

transfer a proton from the inside of the cell to the outside of the membrane, where a different protein snaps up the proton and puts energy into producing biological fuel. The researchers established that the process is possible only because the hydrogen bonds in water are formed and broken very easily.

New research indicates that water participates actively in the communication between genes and proteins. Without this interaction, life as we know it would simply be inconceivable [5].

Our body as a whole consists of at least two-thirds water – and the brain is 80 per cent water. As the brain tissue converts glucose from the blood into oxygen and energy, which are consumed in the brain cells’ communication, it produces water. A human brain contains about one litre of

water and produces fifty millilitres of water every twenty-four hours. Our body contains the most water in the foetal stage and somewhat less when we are children. As we age, the water content of our body decreases.

4. The Water Crystal

We know that no two snowflakes are alike. When water

freezes, ice crystals are formed. Masaru Emoto (1943 –

2014) [6]. was a Japanese businessman who has become

known as a researcher into water’s inner forces and is most

known for his photographs of water crystals. He has

developed a method of photographing water during

deep-freezing in a standardized manner, so that separate

water tests can be compared. No one else, however, has

replicated his work with photographing ice crystals; as a

result, it cannot be evaluated from a scientific standpoint.

What makes Emoto’s work a bit controversial is that he

ascribes to water the ability to hear and to read [6]. If the

label on the water bottle says ‘fool’, for example, there will

be a totally different crystal image than when it says ‘truth

and happiness’. Tap water also changed after a prayer, and

after ‘love and thanks’ the water formed beautiful crystals.

When the SARS epidemic was raging, Emoto showed the

water the abbreviated term in both English and Japanese,

but there was not much difference between them and the

crystals that are normally found in ordinary distilled water.

When the whole name, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome,

was written out there were no well-formed crystals in this

water at all. Then the ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome’

labels were removed and replaced with ‘love and thanks’.

These words, according to Emoto, then created beautiful

crystals, regardless of language.

For Emoto, this bears out his theories on water: water

captures the vibrations of words and reflects them in the

form of crystals. As long as a word is used in the right way,

the water’s reaction is the same, regardless of language.

It is good to be as concrete as possible, since the water is

sensitive to vibrations. (This means, for example, writing

‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome’ instead of the

abbreviation ‘SARS’, so that the water can really take in the

import of the words.)

The words ‘love and thanks’ have strong positive energy.

Even if the water’s energy is damaged, it can be restored


The experiment was conducted by Dean Radin, Ph.D.,

who is the Chief Scientist at IONS and Adjunct Faculty in

the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University.

The experiment was done to measure how intention alone

affects water crystal formation. Co-Investigators were

Masaru Emoto, along with a few other researchers and


The experiment tested the hypothesis that water exposed

to distant intentions affects the aesthetic rating of ice

crystals formed from that water. Basically, it tested whether

intentions could influence the physical structure of water (as

mentioned earlier). Over a period of three days,

approximately 2000 people in Austria and Germany focused

their intentions towards water samples that were placed

inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California.

Other samples were located outside of the shielded room so

that they could act as a distant control. Ice drops formed

from multiple samples of water in different treatment

conditions were photographed by a technician. Each image

was assessed for aesthetic beauty by over 2,500

independent judges and the results of the data were

analyzed by individuals who were blind with respect to the

treatment conditions.

Results showed that the test was consistent with a

number of previous studies suggesting that intention may be

able to influence the structure of water [7].

What if Emoto was right that the water in our body is not

only able to listen but also reads thoughts? What if it is the

hydrogen bonds in DNA’s base pairs that constitute our

immune system and all our consciousness?

5. Kaivarainen and Water

The Finnish researcher Alex Kaivarainen is fully

convinced of the significance of water. He is the author of 5

books and more than 110 scientific publications (e.g. ‘New

Hierarchic Theory of Water and Its Application to Analysis

of Water Perturbations by Magnetic Field: Role of Water in

Biosystems’). Kaivarainen has developed theories on

bivacuum, duality, electromagnetism, gravitation, and time.

One of his computer programs deals with condensed matter

like water and ice in the hierarchic theory. A great deal has

to do with water’s being a dipole.

A water molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two

hydrogen atoms. The two hydrogen atoms stick out from

the oxygen atom at a 105° angle. The water molecule as a

whole is not electrically charged, but it has two poles. The

electrons which oxygen and hydrogen share are in lower

periods around the oxygen atom than they are around the

hydrogen atom. The two remaining electron pairs in the

outer shell of the oxygen atom stick out from the oxygen

atom like two electron clouds with a mildly negative charge. 

Universal Journal of Psychology 4(4): 178-183, 2016 181

Conversely, there are two mildly positive charges around

the two hydrogen atoms, which lack their electron. The

mutual attraction between the positive and the negative

charges in water molecules creates what are called

hydrogen bonds. They function as handles between the

water molecules, and in liquid water they are constantly

being formed and broken. It is the hydrogen bonds that give

water its unique characteristics. Water molecules prefer to

have four bonds with other water molecules, and they

therefore arrange themselves so that the surface where they

turn one side out towards the air is as small as possible.

The water molecule looks like a fat little figure whose

body corresponds to the oxygen atom. The figure has two

outstretched arms corresponding to the electron clouds

around the oxygen atom and two outstretched legs

corresponding to the two hydrogen atoms. When several

water molecules are gathered, each water molecule tries to

take hold of four other water molecules. The negatively

charged arms catch their neighbours’ positively charged

legs, and vice versa.

Water becomes more difficult to describe the lower the

temperature gets, since more and more phenomena and

structures are able to occur then. There are eighteen

different crystal forms, for example, and complicated links

between the electrons in the water molecules. [8]

6. Electromagnetism

An extraordinary paper authored by Nobel prize-winning

Luc Montagnier has described memory effects in aqueous

DNA solutions that the authors propose depend on

interactions with the background electromagnetic field.

These effects, if real, require the prior processing and

dilution of the solutions and are explained by Montagnier as

resonance phenomena with nanostructures derived from the

DNA and water[9] [10].

Jacques Benveniste proposed water memory in the 1980s,

and famously managed to publish some of his results in the

journal Nature [11]. Lacking any objective grounds to reject

the seemingly impossible paper through the process of peer

review (so the many claims that established science merely

rejects quack ideas with a closed mind are patently false),

the paper was sent to press. The journal’s editor John

Maddox, however, remained skeptical and allowed the

results to be published accompanied by a small editorial on

the subject by himself, stating in the piece the number of

laws of physics and chemistry such a result would violate

and that ‘There are good and particular reasons why prudent

people should, for the time being, suspend judgment [12].’

The only other remaining condition was that the research

mentioned was independently replicated following

publication and the controversy created a small media storm

in 1988. The team sent to investigate Benveniste’s claims

included James Randi – whose expertise on sleight of hand

and fraud detection were put to use in the lab. The report

from the team concluded that although Benveniste was

innocent of academic misconduct and fraud, he had been

misled by flawed experiments. Thus, one of homeopathy's

most shining moments was tarnished, and even John

Maddox was almost disappointed, concluding ‘I’m sorry we

didn’t find something more interesting [13].’

The studies of the memory of water spurred Benveniste

on to investigate how the molecules communicate within

living cells. During all the stages of life the molecules have

to talk to each other. In a transparent cell, containing one

protein molecule to 10,000 water molecules, the molecules

are jostling and pushing each other inside the cell. But if

every molecule instead had its own signature frequency, its

receptor or the molecule with matching spectrum of

properties could tune to this frequency. They can tune in to

the same resonance as each other – a body’s vibration is

amplified by another body’s vibration at the same or almost

the same frequency. This creates a cascade of

electromagnetic impulses that travel at the speed of light, as

Benveniste expressed it. (McTaggart 2001)

“Because science has long taught us to rely what we can

see and touch, we often don´t notice that our spirit, thoughts,

emotions, and body are made of energy – that everything is

vibrating. As we move out of the age of technology and into

the age of intuition, we need tools to understand what it

means to be a vibrational being and how natural frequency

affects us”. Penny Peirce in frequency the Power of

Personal Vibration (Penny Peirce 2009)

7. Discussion

Cells are able to communicate with one another and help

one another. Cells that are protected by amazing defences

that protect us from intruders, sometimes it is a struggle

between life-and-death. It is the hydrogen bonds in DNA´s

base pairs that constitute our immune system and all our

consciousness, but consciousness, which is in the DNA´s

hydrogen bonds, can´t see hear or feel. It congregates in the

brain together with the senses and it is this seems strongly

related to consciousness.

All over the world new science is discussed. Scientists

like Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, Jacques Beneviste

(1935 – 2004) et. al. are rebuked but not to the same extent

as Ignaz Semmelweis, (1818 – 1865) their methods are not

accepted by all.

“One of the foundations of homeopathy maintains that

the potency of a substance is increased with its dilution.

Montagnier discovered that solutions containing the DNA

of viruses and bacteria “could emit low frequency radio

waves” and that such waves influence molecules around

them, turning them into organized structures. The molecules

in turn emit waves and Montagnier found that the waves

remain in the water even after it has been diluted many

times. To a lay person, that may not mean much, but to a

scientist is strongly suggests that homeopathy may have a

scientific basis.” [14].

The Semmelweis Reflex is the dismissing or rejecting out 

182 Just Ordinary Water - A Necessity for All Forms of Life

of hand any information, automatically, without thought,

inspection, or experiment. The phrase stems from a number

of people's personal experiences with the phenomenon, and

denotes the reactions of anyone who engages in such


Can life be reduced to nothing more than an interesting

arrangement of atoms and molecules? Basic research team

member Oyang Teng and 21st Century Science &

Technology editor Laurence Hecht discuss the implications

of Luc Montagnier's recent experiments demonstrating

water-mediated, low-frequency electromagnetic emission

from bacterial and viral DNA. (Hecht, 2011) [15].

By demonstrating the interaction of living organisms with

electromagnetic waves, perhaps including the

low-frequency Schumann resonance waves in the Earth’s

atmosphere, the work has revolutionary implications for

biology and our whole understanding of the universe

extending the work begun in the 1920s by such figures as

Alexander Gurwitsch, who detected ultraviolet radiations

from growing plant cells. The Schumann resonance refers to

the waves of base frequency 7.83 Hz and its higher

harmonics which propagate in the waveguide formed

between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. In

1952, German atmospheric physicist Winfried Schumann

hypothesized that lightning activity would produce such

low-frequency waves, and by dividing the circumference of

the Earth by the velocity of light, he predicted the

approximate frequency later detected. [16].

A remarkable feature of the results with bacteria and

viruses is that many of the emitting filtrates are so highly

diluted as to have almost no likelihood of containing the

original infectious agent or its complete DNA. In order to

account for this, as well as the appearance of signals from

pure water, Montagnier adopted a hypothesis developed by

researchers into the anomalous properties of water, namely,

that coherent, polymeric nanostructures are formed in the

water. A number of physical studies have reported the

formation of long polymers of hydrogen-bonded dipoles in


The attempt to reduce the principle of life to something

derivable from the laws of chemistry and physics was never

very satisfactory. The argument of the vitalists, that an

animating principle must be superimposed upon the

presumably self-evident material substance of living matter,

also had its limitations. With the results of Montagnier, we

recognize that the principle, omne-vivum ex vivo, still holds,

but only on the condition that we adopt a non-particle

conception of life. (Hecht, 2011) [15].

Benviste’s experiment showed that the cells don’t rely on

random collisions, but instead on electromagnetic signals

with low frequency waves. Water is like a tape recorder that

carries the information regardless whether the original

molecule still exists or not. Water is so important for the

transmission of energy and information, that Benviste’s own

studies shows that the molecular signals cannot be

transmitted inside the body apart from through water [15].

Through a vast range of trials and experiments Benviste

obtained evidence proving that the electromagnetic waves

from living creatures affect the surroundings. The same

result as the biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp and

predecessors had come to.

And not to mention the bio-resonance therapy that also is

based on the memory of the water. Bio-resonance therapy is

a holistic medicine technique that is based on the old

learnings of acupuncture as well as biophysics and it

originates from Germany. In Germany this method is used

within the ordinary health service and has helped many

people through the years to get rid of their allergies and

stomach troubles etc. [16].

By simply using the allergen the patient’s

hypersensitivity can be “erased”. The method of treatment

was founded by the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp,

who has conducted research within cell communication.

According to Popp one could clearly see that our cells are

surrounded by electromagnetic vibration areas. He also

came to the conclusion that the body communicates with

the help of cell vibrations. Popp has proven that it is

possible to steer biochemical processes in the cells by

influencing their vibration areas. [17].

Robert O. Becker, M.D. is a pioneer in the field of

regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in

living things, challenges the established mechanistic

understanding of the body has written a book about the

electromagnetism and the foundation of life. The Body

Electric explores new pathways in our understanding of

evolution, acupuncture, psychic phenomena, and healing

(Becker 1985) [18].

He has also written a book, Cross Currents, about the

perils of electro-pollution and the promise of

electro-medicine (Becker 1990) [19].

Professor Becker is twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Consciousness is a phenomenon that cannot be explained

inside the frame work for today’s natural science [20].

8. Conclusions

My reflection: Water is a prerequisite for life to exist, and it may have some property necessary for it to tune in to the right frequency and carry the information forward. It is likely that life (in living cells) is a prerequisite for the water “to remember” I think we will enter the nano-era where we can discover a whole new universe – which we wouldn’t be able to see without an electron microscope .

Not only are our hearts powered by electrics, but actually so is every living cell. Maybe it is not so strange that the Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier found low frequency electromagnetic waves from bacterial DNA sequences.

Our bodies are consisting of 70 percent water and all body fluids contain water, water that is conductive and that is a solvent in which nourishment can be transported. Our 100 trillion cells contain two thirds worth of water. What is more natural than our immune system, our memory and our whole consciousness all operate and function with the help of water?

Perhaps life ends (or transfers into another dimension) when the electric current has run out within our cell?


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