Hexagonal Water

An overview of one of the most amazing discovery of our century


What is Hexagonal/Structured Water?

The most most stable structure of liquid  water is a crystalline geometric structure formed by eight  water molecules (the Star Tetrahedron or Kepler's Star). From a profile view it’s form can be seen to be the shape of a perfect hexagon.  This specific geometry  produces an effect called ‘molecular coherence’.  Molecular coherence amplifies water’s natural abilities to archive and transfer information, similar to quartz crystal used in computers and watches.



The only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a unique molecular structure.   Scientific research centers around the world have become increasingly interested in the unusual properties of water and are now providing new empirical and scientific data.

Understanding of the true nature and qualities of water means to reach far beyond the chemical understating of H2O. It exhibits numerous unusual physical and bio physical properties, unlike any other substance in the world. One of the most important properties discovered in water is the ability to store information!

When the molecules of water are reshaped into a hexagonal structure, they exhibits remarkable properties of molecular coherence. Molecular coherence amplifies water's natural abilities to store and transfer information.

At a molecular level, our bodies are more than 99% water!
Water is responsible for the healthy function of DNA, enzyme reactions and numerous metabolic functions, it's actually the main carrier of all the boo-electric signals our bodies generate. We can compare it to a liquid network that interconnects us at a cellular level. Water is directly involved in the optimal functionality of all our physical and mental functions.
Water is not just water. Its a complex and vital structure with unsuspected properties.



Dr Mu-Shik-Jhon

Dr Mu Shik Jhon, the world’s leading authority on water science, has proven that the existence of a specific water structure, known as “hexagonal water,” is present in various geographic regions of the world. This water has long been known for it’s healing properties and medicinal effects.  In 1986 Dr Jhon officially presented his theory "Molecular Water Environment."


He found that the reinstatement of “hexagonal water” in our body can improve vitality, prevent disease and, have the potential to slow-down aging itself.
It’s the 21st-century and we are beginning to understand that the process of aging has a direct correlation to our body's cellular depletion of “hexagonal water.”




Coherent Water

A structured network of water is called "coherent", ie when it is able to maintain some stability while the molecular motion. The more structured (characterized by an increase in hydrogen bonds), the greater the coherence, the greater will be the ability to store and carry signals and other information.

Watching a bunch of fish in the sea or a flock of birds you understand what the principle of quantum coherence. Each fish is free to move independently, but the group meets simultaneously as a single body. It is as if the fish were to follow an invisible conductor, yet there is no conductor.

In the world of physics, this type of report is referred to as quantum coherence. At the very small (quantum), there is unity and cooperation (coherence). This allows individual components to meet together as a larger organism. And interesting to note that the highest expression of consistency is achieved when they used the mathematical relationship Phi = 1.618 also called the Golden Ratio.

Nature uses a combination of forces to establish and support this type of consistency. Spiral motions (eddies) are of primary importance. When the water molecules move in natural electromagnetic fields, are forced to align and re-align itself within the field. Each cycle refines the structure of the system. At the end of the process the water molecules "find their place" within the domain coherent and even if the molecules can occasionally be "disturbed", the system remains unchanged. The same is true within the school of fish.




Water stores each of the millions of materials, with those it comes into contact, in its net-structure.  Water remembers cadmium, lead, mercury, solvent, estrogen, dioxin, plant protection agents, lacquers, weak acid, x-ray contrast liquids, artificial fertilizer, phosphates, bleach, softener etc..
This memory remains existing also despite perfect filter methods. This means that even if your water has been cleansed chemically and mechanically, it is likely still to contain the information left behind.



Dr Patrick Flanagan

After more than 30 years of ground-breaking research, the scientific community is now accepting the theories of French physician Jacques Benveniste on the memory potential of water.



Dr Gerald Pollack
Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Fourth Phase of Water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, UW professor of bioengineering at University of Washington, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary.  The researcher has spent the past decade convincing worldwide audiences that water is not actually a liquid.


Dr. Emoto innovative research of so called "healing waters", reveals through innovative photographic techniques how the water's molecular structure is organized into liquid crystalline geometric  patterns and how this structures interact with the vibrational impulses from the surrounding environment.


Dr Luc Montagnier
Dr Montagnier scientifically confirmed (the same experiment was replicated in independent laboratories worldwide ), the presence of electromagnetic waves generating from water molecules and the importance of the molecular structure of water.



Water & DNA
Interview with Dr Luc Montagnier
“Viruses, AIDS, Nutrition and Water.”

The importance of nutrition and the key role of water.



Dr Massimo Citro
Medicine of the future
Dr. Massimo Citro

Massimo Citro examines research on consciousness, quantum physics, animal and plant intelligence and the effects of thoughts, emotions, and music on water. Linking the work of Ervin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake on morphogenetic fields, Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine, and Masaru Emoto on the memory of water, Citro shows how the universal information field connects every person, plant, animal, and mineral

He created a revolutionary system of vibrational medicine, known as TFF, which uses the information field to obtain the benefits of natural substances and medications in their “pure” informational form, transferring this to water and metals and offering side-effect-free remedies for health and well-being.



The cellular water is absolutely essential for good health. Any disease of our body, in the light of this, it means that not only the proteins are not working in that organ, but also the water inside. The water near the protein is not in 'it's natural order. So what to do is to restore a certain "order."

Much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystal form, as well as collagen and cellular membranes. These human tissue  work cooperatively with the structured water to create an information network that reaches every cell.  This allows instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information.

The Structured Water is also responsible for the stability of a healthy DNA. When it begins to lose its crystalline structure (due to illness or age), DNA integrity is often compromised.



Unlike most other liquids...

 when they freeze, water expands and becomes less dense. Most other frozen liquids are denser than their melted selves and thus sink. If it sank, ice, being unable to melt because of the insulating layer of water above it, would slowly fill up lakes and oceans in cold climates, making sea life in those parts of the world a challenging prospect.cquaPHI

While other substances form liquids, precious few do so under the conditions of temperature and pressure that prevail on our planet's surface. In fact, next to mercury and liquid ammonia, water is our only naturally occurring inorganic liquid, the only one not arising from organic growth.

At sea level, water boils at 212F, but thousands of feet down in the ocean, the pressure can keep water liquid at over 650F as in deep ocean hydrothermal vent.

"Water is probably the best solvent in the universe," says Jeffrey Bada, a planetary scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif. "Everything is soluble in water to some degree." Even gold is somewhat soluble in seawater. (Before you get any ideas about extracting gold from the oceans, I should add that, according to Bada, the value of dissolved gold in a metric ton of seawater comes to about $0.0000004).

The biochemical reactions that sustain life need a fluid in order to operate. In a liquid, molecules can dissolve and chemical reactions occur. And because a liquid is always in flux, it effectively conveys vital substances like metabolites and nutrients from one place to another, whether it's around a cell, an organism, an ecosystem, or a planet. Getting molecules where they need to go is difficult within a solid and all too easy within a gas-vapor-based life would go all to pieces.

Water is the only element which is naturally found in all 3 states. Ice (solid) in the polar regions, Vapour (gas) in the air and liquid on the ground. Actually water is the only molecular substance to exist on Earth in all 3 states, without human influence!





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Water carrying only the electromagnetic signature of a DNA sequence can make a replica of the sequence out of simple building blocks, Nobel laureate HIV researcher shows. By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho






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